Deadline på DR2 fremhæver Tom Gillesbergs valgplakat, den 30. maj 2015

Se indslaget som kom sidst på Deadlines 22.30 program. 

English translation:

Danish National News Features Gillesberg’s `Win-Win’ World
Land-Bridge Election Poster

COPENHAGEN, May 31 (EIRNS)–Last night, Danish DR2 national TV
main news discussion program Deadline closed its broadcast

by featuring Danish Schiller Institute
Chairman Tom Gillesberg’s election poster. The host introduced
the poster by referring to its headline, “Win-Win with BRICS: Not
Collapse and War,” and saying it was colorful and had “winding
lines” (i.e., the World Land-Bridge routes), all the while with a
full screen display of the poster, followed by a voice-over with
Gillesberg explaining:
“I am running to try to get Denmark, the rest of Europe, and
the U.S. to establish win-win cooperation with the BRICS
countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, for
economic development. We are facing a collapse that is worse than
2007-08, which could already be triggered on June 5 by Greece
[the deadline for Greece’s IMF payment]. I warned about it at
that time, and I was right, and now it is even worse. We can no
longer sacrifice the population’s welfare for the financial
world’s speculative orgy. We cannot accept confrontation with
Russia and China which could lead to nuclear war. Instead, we
need a win-win policy for development. That has to be discussed.
That’s why I have it on the poster.
“The lines on the world map are infrastructure corridors.
China is already building some of them in connection with the
policy they call the New Silk Road. If Europe and Asia and other
parts of the world are connected through them, we would have
economic development, which is a win-win policy for all. This has
to be put on the agenda. If I am not elected, this has to be
discussed as soon as possible, otherwise, we have no future.”
The host then concluded the broadcast, “Now illuminated, and
maybe inspired, we thank you for watching tonight.”
Altogether there are four Friends of the Schiller Institute
members running as independents for Parliament, each using the
same poster, but with their photo portraits.