P1 Orientering interviewer Tom Gillesberg,
den 29. maj 2015


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English translation:

Independent Schiller Candidate Gillesberg Interviewed on Danish
National Radio

COPENHAGEN, May 30 (EIRNS) — Today, Schiller Institute in
Denmark chairman Tom Gillesberg, who is an independent candidate
for Parliament, was interviewed by the leading Danish Radio P1 news
analysis program, “Orientation.” A three-minute section of the
interview was broadcast, in a story about two independent
First, Gillesberg describes the Schiller Institute as
campaigning for a new, just world economic order. Then there is a
little bit about Tom Gillesberg, including him stressing that the
important thing is what you do that can continue to live after
you die. The interviewer then describes our election poster,
which gained instant fame within 24 hours of being posted on
walls and our websites: “Win-Win with BRICS: Not Collapse and
War,” and names the five BRICS countries.
Gillesberg raises three major issues, rooted in the Schiller
Institute. He explains that while everyone is saying that the
economy is “on course” now, we are faced with the biggest
financial collapse, worse than in 2007-08. For example, if Greece
can’t pay its debt to the IMF on June 5, that could cause the
dominoes to fall. How can Denmark avoid a bank crash that could
destroy the nation? With Glass-Steagall bank separation, which he
explains. Next is national bank credit system, which can issue
credit for public investments which benefits the Danish economy
— projects like a Kattegat Bridge and a national maglev rail
system. We should work with Eastern Europe and Russia to build up
the economy.
Two new major media interviews are in the works, as a
momentum is building up, right from the starting blocks.
Tom Gillesberg and campaign workers were out on the streets
today at the Copenhagen train station with the greatest
population density in the country, speaking to voters and
distributing a press release about the main issues of the
campaign. The other candidates are continuing to put up their
posters. (MR_)